Why Canadian Real Estate is Such Good Value


http://mgmfinance.com/marketing/Real-estate-300x300.pngReal estate agents, Canadian citizens and foreign investors interested in the Canadian property market are all in agreement – as Canada becomes a more desirable place to live year on year so property investment in Canada becomes a more attractive prospect year on year.Furthermore, because property in Canada is high quality, plentiful, incredibly affordable and easy to purchase, real estate in Canada is good value across the board.

If you need more proof, consider comparing what you can still buy for your real estate dollar in Canada to what you can currently purchase in the UK, the US, France or Spain for example.You’ll quickly realise that the strong Canadian dollar (CAD) has not damaged the real estate market in Canada in the slightest. In fact, as the Canadian economy strengthens and more people move to the country, the demand for property will continue to rise which in turn will push up the value of any property investment.

Do You Need A Real Estate Agent?

http://www.theworkathomewoman.com/wp-content/uploads/Real-Estate-Agent-300x300.jpgReal Estate business has seen tremendous growth and so has been the need of Real Estate agent. Today more and more people are getting interested to become home owner and as the demand for real estate need increases the role of Real Estate Agent becomes more important. In the past one agent use to provide services to both seller and buyer but as the real estate market changed people started to realize that specialized service is more logical and beneficial.

When a real estate agent represents both buyer and seller it really restricts agents to provide impartial service to either party. Let’s look at the both (Seller/Buyer) scenario separately. A real estate agents who is a listing agent of seller has a fiduciary, ethically and moral duty to represent seller only. By getting Exclusive Right to Sell Listing, the real estate agent is promising seller that he will live no stone unturned to market the home and find the best buyer at maximum possible market value for the home.

As a Buyer’s real estate agent he need to find the right home for buyer along with should all information of the community. When a buyer is exploring to buy a real estate property in new community, he is very much interested to find out several information related to that particular community such as population, crime, climate, schools, traffic, living standards etc.

Investment in the Canadian Real Estate Market

http://www.makeyourbuildingswork.com/wp-content/themes/mybw2011/images/buildings/corporate-real-estate.jpgThe 21st century has seen lots of changes in the real estate market in Canada. The property market has seen increased domination by people intent on purchasing holiday properties and investors looking to capitalize on the industry’s growth. Many major cities in Canada have seen an upsurge in the number of persons seeking to invest in the property industry and hence the need to educate the public.

In Ontario, like many other major cities in Canada, the property market is doing well. There exist real estate investment opportunities for foreign nationals as well as the locals whether it is for personal use, commercial use or merely an investment.Property Investment in Canada A large number of the Canadian population lives in approximately 100 mile radius from Canada and the United States Border.

Consequently, for real property investment purposes, the property lying within these bands and communities are more investment oriented and highly selling. These are the areas where investment is likely to do well although lots of funds are required to invest in the areas.